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Hi! Thanks for coming to check out my work! I'm Jamie Macpherson. I've been drawing and painting all my life and tattooing since 1999. I am currently tattooing in Burnaby, BC Canada at the famous Dutchman Tattoos.
The tattoo world has allowed me to make art as a living and taught me so much about culture and art history. It has also allowed me to travel around the world and work with lots of like minded artists, mentors and meet some of the world's best tattooers.
I mostly focus on large scale custom works, focusing on getting exactly what the client wants and coming up with the strongest artistic arrangement of those elements. I usually sketch up a preliminary thumbnail design before tackling the finished design so that I can collaborate more easily with my clients, after all I am offering you a service, not a product.
I love my work and my goal is to make sure everyone leaves my shop with a smile. I happily offer a free consultation, and look forward to meeting you!

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tattooing around the world!

  Just wanted to share a couple adventures. In 2009, me and Rebbi went to Europe.  It was pretty amazing! Traveling has been a big inspiration to me artistically, and I met the best Tattoo artists in the world!  We started out in England where I met up with family.  This was great for me to catch up with everyone! I hadn't seen some of my relatives in 16 years! We explored all over!

Flying over England! Here's some pics of Sherwood Forest, where Robin Hood came from. I was born near this area of England and lived here for the first 7 years of my life.  Photography by Rebbi Anderson.

   A really cool snap by Rebbi of a face we saw in a tree.  Could it be the fabled Greenman? Me and Rebbi sharing a bench in Sherwood Forest.

   Great guys at Kings Cross Tattoo in London England.  Super cool little shop close to where old legend, Tattoo Jock used to work!

 Rebbi in the feilds in Rossington UK, and I decided to hang out with some Canada Geese in York, below.

 In Doncaster, the city where i was born.  Photos by rebbi

 Westminster Chapel in York. Super cool place with tons of history! photography by Rebbi Anderson
  We explored all over England and I tattooed some of my cousins and some of their gypsie friends. Then we went to Scotland.  I worked in a tattoo shop for the longest running tattooist in Glasgow, Johnny, from Johnny's Tattoo Parlour.  Met a bunch of rad tattooists and ate too much Haggis!

  Some Tattoos I did at Johnny's tattoo studio.  He was a great guy to work for and had tons of experience, stories and reference material. He gave me a nice big bottle of scotch when I left!  I love Glasgow!
 One of his clients had a bunch of rad work done by the legendary Mick of Zurich!!!
 Pretty wicked stuff!!!
 Tattoos by Mick of Zurich.
 And also legendary Henning Jourgenson!!!
 Glasgow's Gallowgate mantra! Man they are hard to understand when they get talking fast!

 We saw lots of cool things, and my good friend Ishi from Nagoya Japan also came down to tattoo! Look out Glasgow!  It's the Ice Cream Gangstas!

Then, on Halloween, we went to the Necropolis, a super old graveyard! It was a pretty eerie place, but sooo cool!

 After Glasgow, I went to Switzerland to meet my favorite tattoo artist of all time, Filip Leu.  We quickly became friends and he showed me so much technique and had so much helpful advice for me. he allowed me to watch him work for a week. I was super stoked because it was the last year the Leu Family was tattooing in Lausanne! I also got some great ink by Rinzing, who now continues to work at the location with his own shop name, Rinzing's Sacred Yantra.
  The original location for the Leu Family's Family Iron. Now a parking lot. Boo.

 Swiss bank!   Nice decorations on the front of the building.

 Filip Leu at work on a huge torso peice!  About 80% of his clients were tattoo artists themselves!
 Rinzing Tattooing a fellow Vancouverite! Weird coincedence!!
 Having a beer with my swiss roomies after getting my new tattoo!
  Swiss Alps as I fly to Italia!!!!  Italy was super awesome too!!  I got to see a whole ton of Da Vinci's paintings in Florence, went to Venice, Naples and perusia to name a few places! I also did some tattoos while I was down there!

 Some Tattoos I did While in Naples!  Fun times for sure!! It was great to do a big italian Roadtrip though!!
 Snow in Perusia!! Photos by Rebbi Anderson.  Hanging out with our little Travel Buddy, Holden.
 After Italy, we flew down to Portugal.  We started out in Lisboa and did a roadtrip all down the coast! It was like going back in time! Everything was super beautiful all the way down to Lagos.  I worked in Cais Cais, a little beach town for Spawn at Urban Gallery Tattoo Shop!  It was so nice and hot there!!

 Photography by Rebbi Anderson. Some pics of the beaches in Lagos and me tattooing in Cais Cais.
 Drawing station.  These guys painted every square inch of this place!

 A tattoo I did on Spawn the owner of Urban Gallery Tattoo Parlour. He was born year of the rat.

 Rebbi looking vintage in a tree. The love of my life. <3

  We didn't want to go home, but after 4 months of travel, it was nice to come back to Vancouver, breathe in the clean ocean air and have a baby, little Aya, our daughter.  She's 10 months old now.

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