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Hi! Thanks for coming to check out my work! I'm Jamie Macpherson. I've been drawing and painting all my life and tattooing since 1999. I am currently tattooing in Burnaby, BC Canada at the famous Dutchman Tattoos.
The tattoo world has allowed me to make art as a living and taught me so much about culture and art history. It has also allowed me to travel around the world and work with lots of like minded artists, mentors and meet some of the world's best tattooers.
I mostly focus on large scale custom works, focusing on getting exactly what the client wants and coming up with the strongest artistic arrangement of those elements. I usually sketch up a preliminary thumbnail design before tackling the finished design so that I can collaborate more easily with my clients, after all I am offering you a service, not a product.
I love my work and my goal is to make sure everyone leaves my shop with a smile. I happily offer a free consultation, and look forward to meeting you!

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

New artworks and crazy times!

Well it's been a long 2 weeks with my girls in hawaii on vacation while I stayed in Canada holding down the fort at Unity Tattoo. What can I say, I love my job. Been designing tons of bodysuits/sleeves and hand peices this year. I want to design 50-100 of each, to help clients looking for larger work to better visualize their ideas and show them what is possible. Also been freehanding alot more straight onto the skin.
Fun Gypsie rose skull bird cornfeild sleeve i drew up. I got about 45 more of these to draw up. All different themed of course! I'll keep posting them for you to check out!

Freehand cobra killing a rat.
                                                      Gargoyle hands for a client next week.
Dragon sleeve.
  Portrait of client's daughter. He wanted the year because the photo was from this year.

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